Auctions Made Easy

With a significant increase in the number of consignment inquiries we receive on a daily basis, we have attempted to simplify the consignment process for our clients. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on how to sell with Alexandria Auctions.

Selling Opportunities

Gallery Auctions

We accept consignments of valuable items by appointment at our Alexandria, Virginia gallery.

Estate Sales / Auctions

For a complete estate liquidation, we often recommend selling a majority of the items through an online estate sale right from the home.


Accelerated marketing can turn almost any asset into cash. We liquidate business bankruptcy and excess government assets.


Not sure what your items are worth? In most cases, we can provide an auction estimate of your items at no cost to you.

Private Sales

We understand certain liquidations require a high level of privacy. We can facilitate private sales through our database of ready buyers.

How it Works

Step 1.

Use the form below to upload photos as well as any relevant information on the items you are considering selling. After receiving these photos, a member of our team will be in touch within two business days. *If you feel there are too many items to photograph, please upload a sampling of a few things you may have.*

Sell Your Items

Step 2.

Once your items are evaluated by our team, we will send you a simple consignment agreement to review. If you are able to deliver the items yourself, we will schedule a time to receive your consignment. If you will need help in transporting the items to our gallery, we will gladly assist. In situations where an entire estate or large collection is to be sold, we may elect to start by evaluating the property in person.

Step 3.

Our team begins cataloging the consignment, which includes writing descriptions, taking photographs, and making notes on any relevant information that a buyer may find useful.

Step 4.

We handle all advertising for the auction, as well as payment processing and invoicing. Buyers who request shipping are free to use local UPS stores, and they pay the shipper directly for their services.

Step 5.

After the auction is complete, we will remit payment and an accounting of your consignment within 30 business days of the sale. If we sell your consignment over the course of multiple auctions, you will receive a check for each auction.

We understand our clients are different, and we are committed to custom-tailoring the perfect solution for each and every one.

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