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Estate attorneys and fiduciaries expect total transparency in the auction process. Alexandria Auctions delivers this with auctions that are back catalogued online, meaning the date of sale and realized price of each item remain available on our website for a minimum of two years after the original date of sale. What other company offers that kind of transparency in their sales process?

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“In my Trusts & Estates law practice where I serve as fiduciary, I often encounter properties full of items where I am unfamiliar whether there is anything of value. It is helpful having Alexandria Auctions available to go through everything and to sort out items of value (from items I have to pay to remove). Not only do they satisfy my fiduciary duties, but can also handle the sale of the items as well.”

Michael D.

We understand our clients are different, and we are committed to custom-tailoring the perfect solution for each and every one.

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