Real Estate Agents

Professional Partners

Alexandria Auctions gladly partners with real estate professionals in order to provide their clients with the best personal property consignment services. When we partner with realtors, we assist in coordinating the clean-out of the home, and also make determinations on what items in the home are suitable for auction. Our real estate partners appreciate the fact the we are able to get the home completely empty and ready to list in a matter of days.

Partner with Us

As a real estate broker, my team and I are thrilled to partner with Alexandria Auctions. With clear communication and streamlined processes, working together to support our mutual clients has been exceptional. Providing top notch client support and five star experiences is our mission, and we can count on Alexandria Auctions to do the same. Who you choose to work with matters. I highly recommend Alexandria Auctions and will continue to partner with them for years to come.

Nicole H., local realtor

We understand our clients are different, and we are committed to custom-tailoring the perfect solution for each and every one.

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