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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for both sellers and buyers. Please click on either “Selling” or “Buying” to view the appropriate information. Have additional questions? Contact us!

  • Do you buy items outright?

    Due to the inherent conflict of interest in purchasing items outright, we would rather sell your items for you on your behalf. Selling for you on a commission basis means that our interests are aligned, and we will work to get you the most money back for your valuable property.

  • How do I sell my items at auction?

    The first step is to fill out the “Sell My Items” form to share some photos of the items you are interested in selling. If we determine your items will be a good fit for one of our auctions, we’ll ask you to complete a consignment agreement and schedule a time for you to bring your items in (or help coordinate a mover to pick the items up).

  • What kinds of items are featured in your specialty auctions?

    We conduct specialty auctions for large collections and for certain categories. Examples of specialty sales we have conducted in the past include: fine jewelry, firearms, mid-century modern, rug gallery, and model home furniture auctions.

  • I have an entire household of items to sell, what do I do?

    Alexandria Auctions handles large consignments such as entire estates on a regular basis. Some groupings may be transported to our auction gallery in Alexandria to be sold in one of our weekly auctions, where other large estates may be sold out of the house via an online estate auction. Use the “Selling” page to get in touch with us and discuss your options.

  • What about anonymity? I don't want people knowing that the items featured are mine

    Your items and the reason for selling them are your business, not anyone else’s. We offer complete anonymity for our consignors. We do not share or sell any of our contacts. If you see any item in our auction include the history or information of the seller, it was at the request of the seller.

  • When can I bring in items?

    All consignments are by appointment only, after a member of the Alexandria Auctions team has approved potential consignments.

  • What types of items sell well at Alexandria Auctions?

    We sell a variety of items. Some do better than others! We love selling mid-century modern furniture and decor, Chinese art and furniture, original artwork, sports memorabilia, fine crystal, rugs, clocks, tapestries, militaria and edged weapons, coin collections, jewelry, furnishings, handmade quilts, vintage audio equipment, musical instruments, cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles.

  • What items are you not currently accepting for auction?

    Most baskets, outdated electronics (VHS, cassette, camcorders), most clothing (leather jackets, designer labels, furs, and military uniforms are accepted), safety gear such as helmets and harnesses, most dolls, toys 1970s and newer, slide projectors, grills, appliances, trophies and awards, TV cabinets, entertainment centers, decorative holiday items (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc), building materials, hardware, paint, pool tables, pianos, clear glassware and flower vases, most stuffed animals (Steiff is accepted), picture frames, textiles (bedding, towels, curtains, fabric), luggage, china cabinets, aquariums, baby-related items (cribs, bedding, clothing), sewing supplies, most sporting goods (unless signed/collectable, antique), mobility and medical items (wheelchairs, medical supplies, walkers, crutches), and any items that are broken, dirty, or incomplete.

  • Do you sell furniture?

    We do sell furniture in most of our weekly auctions, however we are currently somewhat selective on the furniture we accept. It needs to be in nice condition and be of a style that’s likely to sell well. Some styles do better than others at auction, with mid-century modern being a top seller. Specific brands also help the sale, and some brands that sell well include Restoration Hardware, Baker, Henkel Harris, Hooker, among others.

  • Do you sell firearms?

    Yes, Alexandria Auctions has an 01 FFL (Federal Firearms License), just like a typical gun shop. We sell all applicable items in accordance with federal and local laws, including background check paperwork to transfer items to winning bidders. We showcase firearms in quarterly auctions and also accept related items such as scopes, ammunition, slings, holsters, and cases. Many people inherit firearms and we can help you through the process of selling them in accordance with federal and local laws.

  • What about selling books at Alexandria Auctions?

    We are most interested in selling first edition books as well as autographed books and pre-1850 books. Many newer books were mass-produced and may not have significant value.

  • I'm not sure if what I have is even valuable. Can you help?

    We offer no-cost (and no-pressure!) consultations to help you evaluate what’s valuable, and offer some options for you even if we aren’t the right fit for the items you have.

  • What do I do with my coin collection?

    We sell collectible coins and currency on a regular basis here at Alexandria Auctions. American coins tend to do best, but certain collectible foreign coins also do well. Keep in mind that condition plays a big part in the value of coins and currency, and never clean/polish/shine any coins. Contact us for an evaluation of your coin collections, big or small.

  • Can you help with picking up items I want to sell?

    Yes, we help our clients coordinate the transport of the items when it’s too much to bring in themselves.

  • After my items have sold at auction, how is payment handled?

    We mail a check within 30 business days after the conclusion of the auction, along with a settlement statement listing all the items we have sold on your behalf.

  • How often does Alexandria Auctions conduct auctions?

    We conduct at least one auction per week, aside from some holidays. Our weekly “Treasure Auction” concludes every Thursday night, on our auction website.

  • What do I need to do in order to bid with you online?

    Making a bidding account is very easy to do through our auction website, and takes about 3 minutes. In the event that you win anything, your credit card will be immediately charged following the auction, and an invoice will be emailed to you. We do not accept cash or check payments at this time.

  • What is a buyer's premium?

    That’s an industry standard administrative fee added onto the winning bid amount. Our buyer’s premium is 19.25% for weekly auctions.

  • How is sales tax charged?

    Virginia state sales tax of 6% applies to all invoices, with the exception of resellers who have a sales and use tax exemption on file with us.

  • I'm a reseller, how do I become tax-exempt on your system?

    Log into your bidding account and click on the “Reseller” tab to upload a copy of your state or local government resale certificate. A member of Alexandria Auctions will review the certificate and approve it, or ask for additional verification, within 1 business day.

  • Can I preview items in person?

    Most of our auctions feature an in-person preview period. Those times for each auction will be listed in the “Dates & Times” tab of each auction.

  • When and where is the auction pick up?

    Pick up varies depending on each auction. Some items are picked up at our auction gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, and for others – pick up may be from a residence or a business. Check the “Dates & Times” tab of each auction to view all pertinent auction information.

  • How is shipping handled?

    All shipping is handled through local UPS Stores, with the exception of firearm sales, which are handled in house. There are two UPS Store locations listed in the terms and conditions of each auction. If you need shipping, we recommend you contact one of the UPS Stores and have them give you a shipping estimate. Bidders pay UPS separately for any shipping related charges.

  • What do you do with items that don't sell?

    Due to our screening process, mostly everything that we put up for sale will sell at auction. In the rare event that an item does not get a bid, it will be added to the following auction.

  • Who owns the items featured in the auction?

    All of the items featured in our sales are consigned by individuals, businesses, or estates. Due to the consignment nature of our sales, we are unable to offer refunds on items purchased.

  • Can I walk in and buy items outright?

    No, all items must go through the auction. That way everyone gets a fair chance.

  • How do I find your auctions?

    Click on the “Buying” tab at the top of our website, and that will take you to our current auctions page.

  • What is extended bidding?

    Our auctions feature extended bidding, which means if a bidder places a bid within three minutes before a lot is scheduled to close, the clock will extend for another three minutes, giving other bidders a chance to place a counter bid. This is a way to mimic the old style of in-person bidding where an auctioneer would say “going once, going twice…”, giving other bidders a chance to bid again. This is also to deter what’s called “sniping”, which is an attempt to win the auction by being the last bidder before the auction ends.

  • Can I get help moving/loading my items?

    Members of Alexandria Auctions are unable to help with the packing, moving, or loading of any items. It is the responsibility of the winning bidder to bring the appropriate vehicle, people, equipment and materials to retrieve their items.

  • Can I send movers to pick up my items?

    Yes, but you’ll need to fill out the authorization form through the website. We also request that whoever picks up on your behalf be able to furnish a copy of your invoice.

  • Are any items damaged? Are electronic items tested?

    Due to the consignment nature of our sales, all items are sold as-is. We recommend previewing items before placing a bid. We do our best to accurately describe and represent items, but we leave it to the bidders to draw their own conclusions. Items are sold without warranty, expressed or implied.

We understand our clients are different, and we are committed to custom-tailoring the perfect solution for each and every one.

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